Fiat Lux
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One of the reasons that I wanted to create my own site was to shed the light I’ve found on my own path with others. So I want start a series called Fiat Lux.  It’s is Latin for “Let there be light.”  I hope that I can shed some light in to the lives of others as so many have shed their light into my life.




With peace and a firm knowledge that their is purpose in all that we find.


In this meditation you are invited to relax and intend yourself to experience joy.  I will guide you into a joyous space to help you create the things that you want in life in your mind.  This is an initial step in creating them in your life.  Feeling good about them.  As we continue to feel at home on the inside we can start to create that beauty in our lives.


Dreaming It In

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This is a guided meditation to help you relax your body. Feeling at home on the inside means allowing your body to relax and not fighting against it.  As you relax the body you are better able to turn down the chatter of the mind and hear your heart.  May the peace of your soul calm your body.


Physical Relaxation

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I have  renamed, cleaned up and moved my meditations to have them submitted to places like iTunes.  I am going to be re-posting them here.  They will be under the heading At Home on The Inside, which is the feel I hope they evoke for you.  The first is Relaxation with a Cloud.  A shorter meditation that takes you on a small flight of fancy and brings you back relaxed, refreshed and recharged.


Unless otherwise state these will have binural beat track which will be more effective with headphones and should never be listened to while driving.

Relaxation with a Cloud


#At Home On the Inside#audio#binural#cloud#freedom#guided#iTunes#joy#meditation#music#nature sounds#relax#renamed#short

Pics and More
Art, Spiritual / No Comments / November 14, 2013

I’m hoping my new equipment shows before I head out to catch up with a long time friend from my old job and get some social gaming time in tonight with other friends, but it seem fairly doubtful from what my tracking info is telling me.  I’d like to have the new set up ready to go for tomorrow.  In the new world I dream of being super productive on Fridays instead of just wishing I wasn’t working.

I used my time this morning to take some pictures of the art work I promised to post last week and work on cleaning them up in GIMP 2.8.  Between Gimp, Audacity, Inkscape and WordPress I’ve had my hands full learning about worlds I didn’t really know existed.  It’s been fun:)


Here are the new yet to be named trees:

blue tree edit 1silver tree edit 1


I hope to have more pictures ready tomorrow for my Etsy store so please check them out there if you’d like to make my art part of your personal collection!

I’ll end this post today with an ancient prayer that I learned from Jack Kornfield’s book I mentioned before.  Just saying it and listening to my heart has been a growth experience in ways both subtle and profound:


May I be filled with loving-kindness.

May I be well.

May I be patient and at ease.

May I be happy.

I wish the same for whom ever reads this.