Night Bridge 2
Art, Painting / No Comments / April 25, 2014

More work on Night Bridge has gotten me to here:


I started working in the colors here.

I started working on the colors here.

The blending is not what I was hoping for in the middle, but I wanted to see how they would fade into the purple of the sky next.


The plan is to fade this to purple on both sides then to the black of the night sky.

The plan is to fade this to purple on both sides then to the black of the night sky.


I’m happy with how that has turned out and now I’m hoping to work on the mountains next, to frame the colors in.  We’ll get to that next time.

May the muses be heard by us all and more than that, may we have the courage to listen to them.










Night Bridge 1
Art, Painting / No Comments / April 21, 2014

I’m starting a series that will walk readers through a painting that I am going to be working on. I won’t show every step, but I want to at least give a feeling for what doing a painting is like for me. In this particular case I have a very distinct idea and even have a title for the piece before I begin. The title is Night Bridge and it is a painting that will be able to stand on it’s own, but was inspired by this scene from my bed room at the Eagle’s Nest:


The Two Trees:



This is Lady and I’s trees




The beginning of Night Bridge:

I want to bridge the two trees incorporating the colors and the mountains from the original works.  So first I drew in the mountains with a light pencil, then used a pallet knife and textured the mountains in with a fine pumice gel.



between the tress 1

Night Bridge 1: The first step was adding the texture to to the canvas


I’m quite happy with how the texturing has turned out and am excited about the next steps:)

As the process continues I’ll keep posting updates and reflection on the process.

May your creativity be ever at the ready,


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So life has been busy!  I moved in with Lady:)  It’s just as wonderful as I hoped and our new place is beautiful.  I have set up my new studio that overlooks the glorious Alum Creek:

alum creek

from the patio


I also started a freelance job for Lionbridge Technology Inc. working helping them crowd-source information about search engine effectiveness.  Its an interesting gig that I can do from home.  Lot of work to get it to the point where I feel like I’m doing it well, but I’m getting there.  I have new place that I am looking into to sell some of my art work, its a neat concept from the people at ARTtwo50.  They have an app that lets you see the panting in your home before you buy it.  The iPad version already exists and they are working on the iPhone version.

Now I’m going to hit my new gym and get a work out in.  I’m feeling good, dreaming big and believing, hope you are too!