Columbus. Night. Life.
Art / No Comments / January 29, 2014

My Painting, Columbus. Night. Life.,is now for sale at Celebrate Local. The kind people there Facebooked the announcement last night. I’d love to be cool, calm and collected, but it’s pretty exciting for me:) So head out to Celebrate Local, buy some of their stuff and my painting if you’d like. If you like the style, but aren’t in town I have others available at my online shoppe at Etsy: Artistic Avenues Explored with Joy, check it out!


And a shout out to my partner in all this, my Lady, thank you so much for all the help and encouragement!!!



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Painting Update
Art / No Comments / January 24, 2014

So the painting isn’t complete, but I wanted to post it before I got out of town.  I should be able to finish it Monday and hopefully get it to Celebrate Local Tuesday.

Columbus. Night. Life.

Columbus. Night. Life.

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Painting Progressing
Art / No Comments / January 23, 2014

So I’ve been working quite diligently at a new painting for the art wall at Celebrate Local.  You can see the fun art wall if you click on the link.  I’m hoping to get it to them Tuesday next week and I’ve been told there is a great chance that it would be up and for sale fairly soon after that. So I’ve had the happy necessity to work on things like artist’s statements,  short descriptions of art and all the stuff that one needs if one is going to sell their wears anywhere, but on Etsy. I’ll get a pic before I get it too them, maybe one before I leave tomorrow so I can make family look at at it this weekend;-)

Parting thought, I did an exercise today from The Magic by Rhonda Byrne which has added to my enjoyment of the day:


5 times in a day, take 5 breaths and try to feel as thankful for the air that you breathe as you can and after the breaths say out loud, “Thank you for the magical air I breathe.” For those who don’t like the word, magic, please leave it out and feel the thanks anyway.

Meditation III
Meditations / No Comments / January 17, 2014

Well, Meditation III  took much longer than anticipated, but here it is in a number of formats.  If you choose to listen to the tracks that include binaural beats or the isochronic tones please do not do so while driving and do use headphones. I have included tracks with out vocals this time so that if you don’t want to do the guided meditation you can just listen to the music or the music with the effects.


Please get comfortable, either sitting or laying down, and enjoy this time to relax and imagine.



Voice + Music/River + Isochronic tones:


Voice + Music/River + Biaural Beats:


Voice + Music/River only:




Music/River + Binaural Beats:


Music/River + IsochronicTones:


I was finally able to get some good pics of a Christmas tree project that I had been working last month and get it up on my Etsy page. Here it is for anyone who missed it on my Facebook Page:


Tree de Christmas

Oh Tannenbaum your star is brightly shining.

Time to get on that 3rd mediation for me, peace to you all in the still fairly new year!!



The Holidays
general, Shout out / No Comments / January 2, 2014

So the  holidays were full of the good and the bad.  A lot of great family time partly created by some health issues that gathered everyone near.  I often take for granted all the amazing parts of being part of a big family.  For all the points of tension that years of knowing each other can create the amount of love that is there is still so much bigger than that.  This year included a mass family viewing of The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmAUg (for anyone that seen it the accent on the AU in Smaug’s purpose is clear).  I loved it, but not so much that it didn’t feel long.  It’s great LONG movie, be prepared.  Other notable events included a trip to my favorite beer store in Ohio as of last week, Vintage Estates and getting to see my nephew’s band play at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh.  Here’s a pic of Somethin’ Tasty doing what they do so well:

Hard Rock Pitt

If you get a chance see them, seriously.


Peace in the New Year to all.  May we all learn to serve in the ways that leave us fulfilled and other respected.