Painting Progressing
Art / No Comments / January 23, 2014

So I’ve been working quite diligently at a new painting for the art wall at Celebrate Local.  You can see the fun art wall if you click on the link.  I’m hoping to get it to them Tuesday next week and I’ve been told there is a great chance that it would be up and for sale fairly soon after that. So I’ve had the happy necessity to work on things like artist’s statements,  short descriptions of art and all the stuff that one needs if one is going to sell their wears anywhere, but on Etsy. I’ll get a pic before I get it too them, maybe one before I leave tomorrow so I can make family look at at it this weekend;-)

Parting thought, I did an exercise today from The Magic by Rhonda Byrne which has added to my enjoyment of the day:


5 times in a day, take 5 breaths and try to feel as thankful for the air that you breathe as you can and after the breaths say out loud, “Thank you for the magical air I breathe.” For those who don’t like the word, magic, please leave it out and feel the thanks anyway.


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