I had a chance to help Lady out on a project she’s doing for us and was able to get pictures taken of some old work of mine that were previously not on here.  Here is what I have had in backlog:


This I called a satellite abstract.  A picture from above of a place on the coast.  It feels like a retreat to me, but at the same time the fact that it is being looked at from above plays with the idea of privacy and our lack of it in today’s world.
The copper road an abstract satellite style look at a world that feels like a retreat to me.

The Copper Road


This is an archaeological painting to me.  Something lost and old, but now found, but found with it’s secrets in tact.  There is a mystery here and yet it is not hidden any more.
An ancient wall that holds secrets.

An ancient wall that holds secrets


First I painted this then I realized it was from here:

“Sleep baby sleep
Now that the night is over
And the sun comes like a god
Into our room
All perfect light and promises”

Dream baby dream
Of all that’s come and going
And you will find out, in the end
There really is
There really is no difference”
  ~ A New Sensation, INXS.
Morning fully broken above the sea: A Dream.

Morning fully broken above the sea: A Dream


The reason I paint is that I feel the thing with in me, like a secret that my mind may not know, that needs to be expressed; I know not how, so I start…


May your hearts dreams be seen before your eyes in time for them to be fully savored,


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La Cucina
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The Kitchen!


I made a sign for Lady, my Italian lover of the kitchen. I initially hoped that the addition of gel would help the lettering and accents stand out enough to not have to outline it, but it turned out quite well with the white post production outline. It looks a bit like a blackboard with the dark stained wood… that idea is in the idea vault for later…


La Cucina

Lady wants me to make these available for order in my Etsy store.

Lady wants me to make these available for order in my Etsy store.


Just plugging along with the home creation.  I’m hoping to do a field trip on my newly well foot tomorrow to see about some potential places to sell art or at least get some exposure:)

There is a way, because you have the will,


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The next painting

Lady had mentioned a while ago using glues as part of an texture palette and I always liked the idea, but not for the monochromes I so often saw it done with; but when I combined it with part of another idea that she mentioned I loved it.  I created a panels with the glue and texture with a number of other pastes and gels.  I used an array of colors, paint brushes and other instruments for texture and painting to create this almost complete piece.


9 Panel – The Paths

9 Panel - The Paths: and further exploration of texture, color and a tribute to the options in life.

9 Panel – The Paths: and further exploration of texture, color and a tribute to the options in life.


Gallery Wrapped

This is on a 24″x 24″gallery wrapped canvas and thus us an edge as well. After much consideration I’m going with a paint only burnt sienna edge, like the majority of the center panel. I fell in love with this color when I first started painting because of what happens when it is drying and you continue to paint on it. Here is a perhaps over edited pic that includes the edge.


9 Panel – The Paths from the side

Here you can see the edge a bit.

Here you can see the edge a bit.


The light which we share never leaves us darker.



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In what I have found to be my favorite random holiday of the year, my gout has disappeared!!!  :)  I have been able to focus and work in ways that have not been true since before I got my second cold of the past two years (which feels like was three weeks ago).

I watched a video yesterday from Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist about creating a good artists website, which was very good and has me looking for a redesign for this site.

Last weekend I met a photographer, that teaches art, who is a family friend of Lady’s, that I hope to contact to take some pro pics of my paintings.

Lady also went out in the unknown world and found a brick and mortar that may be a place I could work/volunteer at and have my own booth in and a Starbucks that displays local art.  All that combined with my health being back on par has me quite excited.



It’s worth it, it really is :o)



So it’s been a process, but here is the final product.

Good on its own.

Good on its own.


And back to where this started, to see if it accomplishes the task that it was originally intended for.

Night Bridge, in context.

Night Bridge, in context.


I wish the stars showed up better, please click to see a full sized version of the pic.  I just love it here and Lady likes it too:-)

I’m already working on the next piece inspired by the doodle in a note book back at OU when I was feeling quite lost and trying to imagine my path in life…


The path of life winds and it will find a way to expand, ready or not,



So more work than pictures this time, but I am so happy with how Night Bridge is going.  I finally figured out where the middle had to go and so I set that up.


More Red, that's what we were missing!

More Red, that’s what we were missing!


The next bit of work I did I got ahead of my self and the forgot to take pictures :o|  So my apologies, but I worked a spiral of blue back in to the red which you can see next. This phase happened in my guest bath as I had to protect the place from getting sprayed. There were some test runs on other canvases and then I used a tooth brush with some really watered down (50/50-ish) titanium white to lay down the stars.


Plastic wrap and old sheets save the day and look at that spiral:)

Plastic wrap and old sheets save the day and look at that spiral:)


And here we are…

There we go, details left for tomorrow with a fresh eye.

There we go, details left for tomorrow with a fresh eye.



The next parts of this will be detail work,  signing off and see how this looks in place!.

Should be done tomorrow.


In every breath possibilities, in ever beat of the heart another chance,



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I had a nasty gout attack that left me mostly foot in the air for the better part of last week.  Not a lot of blogging or progress in that time.  I’m back on the my feet again and the darned toe is just about better.  That all being said here’s the next pieces of Night Bridge.


Bledign fail

Blending fail


So I couldn’t stand how the blending had gone and perhaps it was rash, but I whited it out to start again. It did not go well, again.


Almost found out if it could fly, or burn, yes (!), maybe burn would be good for you!

Almost found out if it could fly, or burn, yes (!), maybe burn would be good for you!


I did consider destroying the painting while getting to this point. The green is ugly to me, I’ve created a lot of make up work on the mountains and again I wonder why I didn’t start with the colors then lay the mountains and black on top…   I need to press on to a win here so I decide to do the sky and start blending my way to black.


Well I still don't like even the new green, but I'm feeling better.

Well I like the new green  just not here.

his green I actually like… not for this painting, but at least I don’t want to destroy it anymore.  I like how the fade to black is going, the right side especially needs some work, but I’m pleased with the progress.  After a conference with Lady I’ve decided this needs a new direction totally in the middle, but that is for another day…


May the joy of the hours you spend in a day greet your pocketbook as well as as your heart.