I had a nasty gout attack that left me mostly foot in the air for the better part of last week.  Not a lot of blogging or progress in that time.  I’m back on the my feet again and the darned toe is just about better.  That all being said here’s the next pieces of Night Bridge.


Bledign fail

Blending fail


So I couldn’t stand how the blending had gone and perhaps it was rash, but I whited it out to start again. It did not go well, again.


Almost found out if it could fly, or burn, yes (!), maybe burn would be good for you!

Almost found out if it could fly, or burn, yes (!), maybe burn would be good for you!


I did consider destroying the painting while getting to this point. The green is ugly to me, I’ve created a lot of make up work on the mountains and again I wonder why I didn’t start with the colors then lay the mountains and black on top…   I need to press on to a win here so I decide to do the sky and start blending my way to black.


Well I still don't like even the new green, but I'm feeling better.

Well I like the new green  just not here.

his green I actually like… not for this painting, but at least I don’t want to destroy it anymore.  I like how the fade to black is going, the right side especially needs some work, but I’m pleased with the progress.  After a conference with Lady I’ve decided this needs a new direction totally in the middle, but that is for another day…


May the joy of the hours you spend in a day greet your pocketbook as well as as your heart.  





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