In what I have found to be my favorite random holiday of the year, my gout has disappeared!!!  :)  I have been able to focus and work in ways that have not been true since before I got my second cold of the past two years (which feels like was three weeks ago).

I watched a video yesterday from Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist about creating a good artists website, which was very good and has me looking for a redesign for this site.

Last weekend I met a photographer, that teaches art, who is a family friend of Lady’s, that I hope to contact to take some pro pics of my paintings.

Lady also went out in the unknown world and found a brick and mortar that may be a place I could work/volunteer at and have my own booth in and a Starbucks that displays local art.  All that combined with my health being back on par has me quite excited.



It’s worth it, it really is :o)




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