The Very Beginning or Mystery

I started with a 24×36″, Artist’s Loft, heavy duty, gallery wrapped canvas and I put it where I believed I was going to be doing the majority of my work, a large floor easel in my studio.  Mind the wonderful gift from Lady that hangs where I can see it as I work. I unwrap the plastic and get at the beautiful potential of a blank canvas.




Initial Layout

I have an idea of where I’m going but it’s vague. I start to gather the pieces I want to use to patch together a general aesthetic while keeping in mind that the earlier I lay something down the more likely it gets covered up at least in part and possibly in total.  This is a collection of pieces I had worked on as side projects or for learning purposes, some plastic sheets with pre-printed text and images on them and a piece of parchment that I know I want to end up playing a front and center focus of the piece as a treasure map.




A Redesign After Some Prep-work

I’ve cut some things up, created a set of bold words that mean mystery to fill in a seeming gap in the piece in the upper right hand corner.  I chose the word “mystery” in Irish, Italian, German and Latin.  The first three were for ancestral roots that are precious to me and that last for both the sound of it being read out loud having a audio quality that aligns with the piece and the nearness to the title of the work.  It acts a a translator to the above words so their context is more easily determined.  The parchment map has been inked, singed and placed, but won’t go down for a number of steps into the process because I want it to be out front. (As a joyful side note: I did not burn the place down in the process of making he map!)  This is the bones of the work all put together.




I like shorter instead of longer posts in general so I’ll save the next steps for another day.  May the Mysteries in your life create excitement and end in more joy than you could imagine right now,


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