7 Minutes for Yourself

How does taking 7 minutes all for yourself, shutting off the outside world and relaxing feel to you? What about taking time to just rest, giving yourself time and permission to collect your thoughts, taking a few deep breaths and letting the world just be instead of fighting with it? It may feel selfish or impractical, but what if that time refreshed you and helped give you the energy and attitude to do more with the rest of your day?

People who rely on you need you to care for yourself

You don’t have to be some sort of expert meditator to gain significant benefits from a guided meditation. This is a version of a meditation that I was taught in middle school and as a stressed out 12 year old it was great for me.  I was able to do it on my own after being taught, as you will be able to after listening to this, but it was most effective when the teacher initially led me and the class through it. It lets you take a quick mental break in your day, relax, drift through the sky on a warm safe cloud then get back to the day refreshed and renewed.  Put in your headphones, find a way to relax and click play. Close your eyes, rest your head, even if it’s just on your folded arms on your desk or kitchen table and use this time for you.

Relaxation with Cloud (06:22)

Please note: This podcast uses binural beats and is most effective with headphones.  Please do not drive while listening to this meditation.

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