Abstract Naturescapes Acrylic Paints

Night Bridge A

Night Bridge

Copper Road A

Copper Road

Morning Fully Broken Above the Sea. A dream

Morning Fully Broken Above the Sea: A Dream

Day path woods

Path in the Woods: Daytime

Fairyland Blue

Fairyland: Blue

Fairyland Pink

Fairyland: Pink



Pink Clouds above Blue Mountains A

Pink Clouds above Blue Mountains


Sky. Sea. Sand.

Sky. Sea. Sand.

These pieces span a number of years of work from the more fully abstract Pink and Blue Fairylands, to the abstract satellite like look of Copper Road and Dune. As with much of my work the basis is a strong textural foundation that leads to a single idea. Once those two pieces exist I try to simplify and in doing so I create the abstract qualities with help from the texture.
The support bases range from 36x24" gallery wrapped canvases to 12x9" artist boards. All of the paints are acrylic and the textural gels are either regular glossy, fine sand and pumice or coarse pumice.


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