So I spent most of my work day listening to and taking notes on Cliff Ravenscraft’s Social Media 101 tutorial (it’s a pay to view so the link just goes to his products page).  I was expecting some sort of giant overview of available social media and a strategy to deal with it all, but instead I got a lot of insight into what he does in a day. What his life as a web personality and  as the host of an online  community is like. He refers to his home page as his living room and I can see why.  I’m still mulling over how this has changed my perception of where I’m going, but happily it feels right.   I always liked having people over to my house and being the host.  Doing that online seems like a natural progression for me and in many ways it goes back to the me that I lost a bit of while I worked in security.  I want to be welcoming and a good host and that always conflicted with my duties at Ohio Dominican and in many ways has not been a real part of my life for a long time.   So here’s to recreating the days when my friend’s called my home Elrond’s House, “The last homely house east of the Sea.”


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