So I’ve spent my work time learning more about audio editing with Audacity and relearning how to use my Yamaha keyboard. I have a 5 track audio cut that is going to be the basis for my 1st podcast and I hope to share it by Monday.  As I was getting my self in the right place to do the vocals for the meditation I came across this on Brainy Quote:

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

I often have found it amazing that others see exactly the same event in the same moment in time that I do, but we take away from that completely different things.  At times I have been frozen in my life by knowing that fact.  I believed that I could trust others vision more than my own and therefore I believed that I needed to be able to understand how they saw the world before offering my opinions.  I’m undoing that a piece at a time these days.  Learning to respect the fact that what I see is more important to my path than what others see, but at the same time not discounting their vision.  It is a beautiful challenge for me.





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