My newest multimedia artwork: Mystery

My appreciation of art is somewhat contingent on their being more than what is easily observed to a piece.  While that may be the “why” behind a very simple piece, that effect has also been created by being led on a visual quest within a piece.  I wanted to create an expression with that as its theme and mode.  Thus I created a multi-layered, large piece of art that lets one explore the canvas for a very long time without ever taking it all in or just looking at the montage as a whole.



Measuring 3’x2’x1.5″ Mystery allows for a tremendous amount of exploration without exhausting the possibilities.  Some parts overlap allowing only partial knowledge, others jump out at you to keep your attention away from the subtle things near them.  There are textures and words and images that combine to create this whole. There are hints at other pieces of my own both recent and in the past that make up many of the constituent parts. I invite you to spend some time going back and forth from seeing it as a whole to delving into the smaller clues of Mystery.


A Closer Look

If you’d like to delve deeper into the piece I will be doing a series of posts this week on it’s creation, the layers, the purpose of the choices that I made and close ups of some of the spots I find most enjoyable, but as a sneak peak here is one close up pic to let you see somethings that aren’t picked up in the larger picture.

Mystery Closeup 02

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