So these meditations have been a while in coming, but I’m happy to say that I have learned a lot in the meantime. I found out how to use my audio editing program (Audacity) to create not only the binaural beats, like the ones from the first meditation, but now I have found out how to create ramped isochronic tones.  The below program goes from 14Hz down to 4Hz (over time thus the ramping part) or from the brain wave signature of an active person down to the equivalent of deep sleep. Again I cannot say that I’m fully sold on all the hype that surrounds them, but I have used isochronic tones for meditation significantly over the past two years to great personal effect.  They will only be effective with head phones and do not  listen to the meditation with the isochronic beats while driving.


Med IIb

Just my keyboard, someone’s amazing nature audio recording and me.



All that with the isochronic tones



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