So this morning I had a lucid dream for the first time in a long time.  I woke up early and had trouble getting back to sleep so  I went downstairs to my recliner, brought my iPhone with me and used a fall to sleep episode from The Meditation Podcast to go back to sleep.  I eventually fell asleep, somehow got the ear phones out and I go into a wild ride of a dream.  I realize I’m dreaming in a place which to me is my living room, but as is the way with dreams looks nothing like my living room.  I look out the window and I take off flying.  I live in Ohio, but I’m up above mountains flying over them in between the  peaks.  Its amazing!  I start to see a brightness in my peripheral vision and I think that I remember a buddy of mine, who used to lucid dream all the time, tell me that if you turn away from that brightness you can keep the dream from ending.  Works like a charm.  I just keep turning from the light and keep flying around the mountains for what feels like many minutes.  Then I realize I’m back in my chair and my roommate comes down the stairs and I start telling him about the dream I just had.  Then I wake up again and he comes down the stairs again and I ask him, “Did I already tell you about my dream?”  He doesn’t say anything he just walks outside to have a smoke and I think, “Am I still dreaming?” and I say to my self, “I am dreaming.”  So I float out the to the front porch going through the wall, but I make my head go out through the window because I feel like if my head goes through the wall I’ll wake up. I’m not as lucid as I was  earlier because I start telling my roommate that I’m dreaming and go on to prove it to him by explaining what I see.  Things such as telling him, “See your head just disappeared and your coat is on backwards, that’s how I know I’m dreaming”  At that point after trying to convince the dream version of my roommate (the real version of which had left for work hours before hand) I really do wake up.  It was an interesting way to start the day.  I moved on to some social media time and painting.  Getting close to time for the weekend. I hope this finds you knowing that you are experiencing what you need.  ~B~


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