Here is the first of my guided meditations.  There are two different recordings below. The first of which is vocals, music and sound effects only.  The next one also includes binural beats at a frequency of 5 HZ.  This will only be useful if you are wearing head phones so if you aren’t I’d just listen to the first one.  If you do choose to wear them and select that track, in your right ear you will hear a tome of 100 Hz and in your left you will hear a tone of 105Hz.  This creates a pulsing sound as your brain interprets each tone simultaneously.  There is limited evidence that these tones are effective for helping meditation, but I have used them for years and have found them helpful.  That all being said NEVER listen to binural beats while driving, especially ones that are meant for mediation or sleep.


Mediation Number One:


Meditation Number One with Binural Beats:


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