Comics Relaunch
Art, Comics / No Comments / July 15, 2014

The Return of Headboy and Mr. Moon

A number of years ago, while bored near to death with my work at the time I was actually told to spend an hour or more at home for lunch each day.  I was in security (the two words “in security” together still make me giggle, cause wow was I insecure and so were many of the people around me at the time) and I lived on a part of the facility I was in charge of securing so it wasn’t totally insane, but it was odd and boring. I could sit in my bed room with a view of the lot I was protecting and I spent some of that time developing a comic strip.  I shared it with some people that were closest to me, but eventually it became more work that it was worth to me and I just stopped doing it.  Now that I have the skills, programs and time to get it right I’m relaunching them on here.  I want to get in and edit the old ones as a way of getting me back into the characters and scenes I had created; they will be re-released slowly, but when there are updates I’ll post them in the blog so everybody knows to check them out.  Here’s where it all began, please click on for full size:



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