Tarns are fantastic: Thank you fantasy novels

I love Forgotten Realms fantasy novels, mostly because of R. A. Salvatore and his long adventured dark-elf ranger Drizzt. As I was reading some of the more recent novels that have come out in the world of the Forgotten Realms (they love the change the whole world up every couple of years) I ran across something totally out of my vocab and personal experiences – tarns.  I had to look the word up on the spot to even know what it was.  So today I find a great site with copyright free pictures and low and behold there are tarns!  Check it out.

SFFf-1989091.0D 046

Mountain lakes!  Now I love Ohio, I really do, but a Canfield boy turned Columbus man, even one whose been to a number of countries, just doesn’t run across tarns much.  So thanks to Paul S. Kemp and his novel The Godborn for expanding my world a bit and to the site New Old Stock for the pic!

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