So there are three words on my whiteboard right now: confidence, strategy and time management.  They are the three aspects where I am actively pursuing improvement.

First confidence, while I deeply know I can and will create my own job out of the ether I become nervous telling people that I am doing this.  I want to manage what they think of me and I need to let that go because it takes too much energy to keep up and it doesn’t serve my desires to succeed.  I’d rather they just think me crazy because we all know it takes a touch of crazy to succeed in new ways than what other and ourselves have come to expect.

Second strategy, while studying the Toltec Path to Freedom as taught by Theun Mares I encountered the idea that planning was not helpful, but having a strategy was.   I have taken that to heart because the plans that we have are only based on the information available to us at a given time.  As that changes constantly so our plans need to as well, but what lays behind those plans?  How are those plans to be understood?  The context those individual plans arise within is created by our strategy (or lack there of) in dealing with the world.  So for this business venture what is my strategy?  It is to simultaneously learn about those things that hinder my success that exist in how I view the world and those things that can help me achieve my goals that are out in the world. Internally I am using the book A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield which has been an inspiring and challenging book on spirituality in the real world.  As for learning about internet based business I’ve been listening to Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income pod-casts.  They have been an amazing introduction to this world.

Third we come to time management.   In my previous work life I had and office, things I was responsible for according to a job description, a boss I was responsible too, employees to both guide and support and a whole hierarchy that might direct me to do things at any given time.  I was salary and had a lot of freedom to come and go and do as I pleased as long as what was mine got done, but I never had to ask myself, “Is meditating or blogging more productive?  Should I sleep in and work late?  Do I answer that text?  Can I afford to go to that funeral and go home to see my father both this week?  How much research on pod-casting is enough to make sure I’m neither wasting my time nor my money?”  I’m gloriously, terrifyingly free and I love it.  Until I have numbers to go by I’m going to do it mostly by feel and trust myself.

So after a couple hours of research to day I have decided on the NADA pop-filter, an Alesis Mixer and after they arrive I will purchase Propaganda software to record them.  I may be able to start  recording podcast by Monday.   I’m excited.

“Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist


Today I finished two paintings (more trees :) ), I’ll have pictures up hopefully tomorrow and have the paintings for sale by the end of the week.  Once I figure out how, I’ll use a plugin to link this to my Etsy store, but for now you can look here:  A  friend of mine had a spare microphone and some other equipment for pod-casting he didn’t need that he’s letting me borrow.  It was a beautiful drive up to his house and had a nice visit him while I picked that stuff up.  Tomorrow will be a day of learning and research on that equipment and programs needed to make the podcast a reality.  I’m looking forward to having a more clear idea what all I will need.


Peace until later…

It may be a small start, but I’d rather blog today than not.  I’ve changed the background of my site to be less shocking, but retained the spiral.  Both the sea green color, the blue and the spiral itself remind me of a younger version of myself.  There was a certain idealism that existed and a belief in magic that I am recapturing in my life. I hope to combine that inspiration with te wisdom I have gained no matter what the future holds:path3007